Seven Exciting Parts Of Attending Bathroom Remodeling

The existing drain because the existing drain was located right here my previous tab was inches wide this one like I said is so the drain has to be located right here but I found a really good solution I’m going to show you in a second so what I did I purchased twenty-two and a half degree angle PVC pipe Home Depot which perfectly aligned with this part where.

The drain has to be located so instead of being here it turns nicely to this part where the location of the drain should be and my overflow is supposed to be right here so I put two flexible connections and my overflow can easily reach to the side without doing any weird plumbing and moving everything so it’s going to be right here and so last.

Night I have finished placing the drain in a correct location that starts easy because you need to match the drain location with the drain for the bathtub so to do that I place.

The PVC pipe I made some markings without gluing those together and because as you can see my drain is totally off-center I was lucky enough that and a half angle PVC pipe actually filled perfectly to place my.

Drain in the dislocation and so place it right underneath the drain like I said I had to dry fit it that I made some lines on the floor before I was going to and I did double-check it or even tried to pull check it to make sure that before gluing everything is going to be in place and actually it does match perfectly so my next step is going to be filling this empty area around the drain.

pipe with cement or in my case I’m actually using the thin set the set that I had the leftover from the last job and this will make sure that the the drain pipe will not move or shift but I’m going to be moving the tab over it and installing the top I have completed filling up this place around the drain with the thin set and my.


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